Eco Green Ultra


- New screen elevated position for greater visibility

- Flexible programming

- Oil-filled, offering the best in thermal fluid dynamics

- 165W per panel

- Side panels ABS fireproof

- Boost function: maximum power for two hours

- Wall mount bracket kit and wall hanging template

- 15-year body warranty

- 5-year electrics warranty

Flexibility for your heating needs

The new Eco Green Ultra model by Farho offers a new digital screen positioned for greater visibility and ease of use. Watts per panel have also been increased from 110W to 165W, making the radiator smaller than other models and the perfect match for the space and aesthetics of any household.

Its settings are fully programmable, so you can have the heat you want exactly when and where you want it. It allows for daily and weekly scheduling with up to six-time bands for each day independently. The model also features an open windows function to optimise the consumption of energy. If it detects a sudden drop in temperature, the radiator will pause itself.


Product Code Panels KW Area Heated IP Protection Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (KG)
ECGU04 4 0.66 9.4/11m2 IP44 450 580 98 9.34
ECGU06 6 1 13.2/15.4m2 IP44 610 580 98 12.96
ECGU08 8 1.32 17/19.8m2 IP44 770 580 98 16.88
ECGU10 10 1.65 20.8/24.2m2 IP44 930 580 98 20.38
ECGU012 12 2 24/28.6m2 IP44 1090 580 98 24.54