Wondering Which Heater Is Cheapest To Run In Ireland We’ve Got You Covered!

16 December 2021

Wondering Which Heater Is Cheapest To Run In Ireland  We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s a fact. Winters in Ireland can get pretty chilly. But the thing that’s actually worse than the cold weather is the expensive heating bills that come along with those wintery days. Those old out-of-date and cheap heaters are loud, unsafe, and worst of all: They cost a fortune. So, which type of heater is cheapest to run? Which heater is safe? And which heater is the best? Is there one that checks all the boxes?

If you’ve been asking these questions as you shiver in your flat, we have some good news. Farho has a line of electric radiators and heaters (portable heater and wall mounted electric heaters) that are safe, efficient, programmable, and won’t cost a fortune to run. They are quite literally the most efficient electric heaters you’ll find in Ireland.

Maybe you’ve wondered, “Do electric heaters use lots of electricity?” And that answer is… it depends. Some brands that aren’t as efficient, don’t have timers, or programable can be power suckers. But Farho has designed an electric space heater that pumps out heat as efficiently as possible because of the latest technology that’s implemented into our products. Go ahead and search electric heater with timer, and you’ll see most electric heaters don’t offer the same programmability and control features you’ll find with a Farho heater. You can control our heaters from your smart phone and program them to your exact schedule so you’re never wasting heating time when it’s not required. And that’s what makes our products the best option when it comes to low-cost electric heaters.

But it’s not just about asking what electric heaters are most energy efficient? There’s more to choosing a heater. Other features you’ll love about the Farho heater is the fact that they are quick and easy to install, there are no pipes or tanks, and there are no exposed elements that could create a risk for fire. That makes them the safest heaters on the market. Compared to other brands of heaters and even other styles of heaters like portable oil heaters, our electric heaters are by far the superior choice.

And with a 10 year guaranteed, Farho heaters are hands down the best choice for those freezing Irish winters. To learn more, and browse our products, CLICK HERE.