Ten Year Warranty with Two Years Electronics Included

Get instant heat at your fingertips with FARHO© Heaters. One of the most desirable features of the FARHO© XANA range is its accessible digital panel that allows you to specify the temperature, location and time to suit your unique heating requirements.

FARHO© Heaters, Ireland

The XANA PLUS XP is the ultimate in electric heating, providing an easy to use control panel that features uncomplicated menus and just four buttons. This high performance heater is a must-have for those who value comfort in their home or workplace.

Whilst in programming mode, the XANA PLUS XP allows you to set different temperatures for six different periods of the day, seven days a week. This flexibility allows the user to fine-tune the comfort of their home or office and get the most from their electric heaters. This model incorporates twin probe technology to deliver and read exact temperatures.

 Electric Heaters and Radiators, Ireland

The XANA PLUS XP electric heater is designed to make your life easier and works in conjunction with the NEXHO MI Central Unit which can be operated through the WIFI in your home or office. This unit is sold separately.

This state of the art radio frequency feature means you can take control of the temperature in your home or business premises by simply logging onto an app on your phone or tablet at any time. The FARHO© control app is provided free of charge and has been developed by FARHO Domótica Solutions to provide you with peace of mind and ease of use.

Storage Heaters, Ireland

Benefits of the XANA PLUS XP Electric Heater:

· Compliant with LOT 20 EcoDesign legislation,
· Choose from 7 different sizes,
· Use the NEXHO MI Unit through your WIFI network for ultimate control,
· Easy to use digital heater,
· Wall mounting brackets are provided with every order,
· Easy installation with a hanging template included in every kit,
· 1 Metre Long cable for your convenience,
· State of the art thermostat,
· Easy to programme,
· Programme up to 6 time-slots per day, 7 days a week,
· Boost the temperature for 1, 2 or 3 hours at a time,
· Keyboard locking option,
· Frost stat,
· Heaters are made using an injected aluminium frame,
· White epoxy, weather and corrosion proof finish,·
· Uses FARHOIL, a thermal fluid that maximises performance,
· Radiator end panels are made from the very highest quality, fire resistant plastics, ABS-VO carries a UL94 fire rating.